High School

There is chaos all along,

Some craze always around,

The spirits always high,

Cause its high school ya know!

We’re the oldest bunch in school,

Shouldn’t we have our own rule,

We’ll do what we want,

Till our heart’s content.

We can order the young folk now,

Get our work done,

And why can’t we?

Aren’t we older?

We’re the pranksters,

We’re the goons,

Our acts are that’ve made,

The popularity of our school.

And it’s all alright,

Till we don’t get caught,

The trouble’s only when,

They spot.

And then starts the punishments,

And all the scoldings,

And sometimes principal’s chamber,

If we go extreme.

Then for awhile,

It’s all grumpy faces,

But does it matter after that?

No, not at all!

-Moyukh Biswas

(#Jefe rhymester)

New year

Another year has gone now
In this huff and puff
And look behind and tell wow
Setting all the wonderful stuff

All the losses you did face
Do learn from them
And move along with your own pace
Cause you are one of a gem

All that you succeeded in
Be proud of ’em
But remember the struggle you put in
Cause you have to do better than ’em.

Compete with self
Maintain promises you make
Work on for and by yourself
As life isn’t a piece of cake.

So make a new beginning
Let the past fade
And downs this year using
It; as if for only you it were made.
-Moyukh Biswas


Let’s initiate!

Go green!

Get up and clean.

You have no right to moan,

If a green plant you haven’t sown.

If you think it’s not your duty- that’s lame,

Insects and pests, can finish even your game.

Stop putting things on others name,

You have to start taking the blame.

By your deeds, the world is getting clapped out,

Still you do nothing, still you seem in doubt.

How long will you wait for the other to initiate?

Don’t you see- it’s getting too late?

Use horse sense, try to emancipate,

The world won’t be livable, if we unclean at this rate.

Put on your thinking caps,

Let’s get dirt off the maps.

You should know that it doesn’t start from them or thee

It all starts from ‘me’!

Dreams of a better world we all have seen,

None will come true if we don’t act on the scene. 

-Moyukh Biswas

(#Jefe Rhymester)


Once in the Morning


Early morning I woke,

All was silent,

No one spoke.

My eyes were weary,

I could’ve gone back to bed,

Back to my own world,

Where sweet dreams led.

The clock hit four

On a distant church,

But from the window,

I heard, from a melody-a perch.

I fast removed the curtain

But she was quicker,

She flew to the mango tree’

In a flicker.

To get a better view

I ran to the lawn,

And was surprised by its beauty

Before dawn.

I spotted her,

In the morning mist,

Standing puffed,

For her chick’s assist.

I brought my bare feet

To the green grass cold;

It was more fun,

Than anything I ever did behold.

With the grass,

Under my feet tickling,

I noticed the dew drops

On the plants twinkling.

On the big bright rose

On the velvet petals,

I saw just how

The butterfly settles.

And also there was

A bit far away,

A sweet small bee,

Starting its day.

The mist cleared,

Struck the first rays,

It was so beauteous

Wherever your eye lays.

On the branch

The bird still stood,

With ripe red hue,

And a blue colored hood.

I was awe-struck

Seeing all this,

For so long,

How did I all this miss.

How time goes on

And go by our days,

But we still fail to see,

All of nature’s ways.


-By Moyukh Biswas

(#Jefe Rhymester)

Now and then

I saw the mirror then
I see it now
At the same place I stand
But identify can’t myself.

The face I remember,
Was very innocent
Honest and disciplined
Fighting for truth.

But it’s a stranger now
After one year ahead
And I think back and can’t interpret
What brought about this change.

I am tired of fighting anymore
After all those cuts that I got
From all around me
When they judged me wrong.

What made them think
Me -a murder
Though now they’ve made
Of me one.

I had only tried to help
To get him treatment
In front of my house
When he lay blood stained.

That house is gone now
Sacked me out of my job
So I had to thief and kill
To prevent my body’s ill.

But how peaceful I was then
Hadn’t gone through all this when
With such a merry smile
So many plans for welfare of men.

Can I again be like that
I don’t know
If society doesn’t allow
Then I forever won’t.

-Moyukh Biswas

(#Jefe Rhymester)

I ain’t stepping back

You do what you want,

That’s up to you,

Beat and chide

Whatever you can do.

Make my body

Sore through your welts,

Let blood calm

My burning wound.

But I won’t cry

Not shed a tear,

Neither repent

Cause I know I’m clear.

I know I haven’t

Done any mistake

Nor committed crimes,

To be ashamed.

More influential in the world,

You have been

And I might be murdered

But none would’ve seen.

But that doesn’t mean

I’ll let go the right

For what I’ve stood,

Throughout my life.

So you do what you want

That’s up to you

But I ain’t stepping back from

For what I’ve stood.

-Moyukh Biswas

(-Jefe Rhymester)

So Amazing!

Hello everyone! This my 10th blog post so I thought to post my 3rd sonnet. Hope you all like it. Please do post your comments on how you thought it was.

Why did you become just so amazing,

That all the time I can’t think except you?

And I can’t help but always keep gazing,

Guessing how your heart away I could woo.

How you always stun me with your beauty!

Making me desperate for your glances.

Being with you always seems as my duty

And so does tracking all your advances.

And you became not unnoticeable-

Such that I can spot you from miles afar.

It seems that you have come from a fable,

Cause no mortal can be with you at par.

You’re the most charismatic; now I’ve known.

Please ne’er go away leaving me to moan.

-Moyukh Biswas

(#Jefe rhymester)